Attorney Stephen Cockriel was a god sent to my family.  He took a complicated mess and represented us with expert experience and professional wisdom.  Because of his extensive  knowledge of estate handling and trust probate procedures  Mr. Cockriel was able to guide us to a very positive conclusion.  I highly recommended Stephen Cockriel for anyone needing help with estate planning , estate settlements or any of the other services I know he can handle. He was like working with Perry Mason.


Stephen is very knowledgeable at what he does. I had the pleasure of working with him for almost 2 years on a probate case which was an absolute mess. 3 attorneys had turned me down prior to finding Mr. Cockriel. They simply did not want to take on the work of this complex case. Being in a different state as the administrator of the estate did not make things easier either. However, Mr. Cockriel's communication skills made everything possible. He is very quick to return emails or phone calls. Prior to meeting Mr. Cockriel I did not think very highly of attorneys. After meeting with him and working with him for so long, it is good to know that there are indeed great attorneys out there that aren't out for just the money but actually care about the case and helping the administrator of estate get through the case with as least stress as possible.

Thank you Stephen for all that you did. You were a blessing to work with.