Long Beach Will Lawyer

Most people are aware that a will is the cornerstone of a strong estate plan. At the Law Offices of Stephen E. Cockriel, we take care to make certain that people also understand that, in order to be effective, a will needs to be personalized and skillfully crafted. All of the wills we provide are customized and designed to stand up to any challenge. We want you to be confident that your assets will pass on to those you care about with as little stress as possible.

Who Needs A Will?

Everyone with assets he or she wants to pass on and loved ones he or she wants to provide for can benefit from a will, regardless of age. Did you just welcome your first child into the world? Are you approaching retirement age? Are you considering a move to a nursing home? These are just some examples of stages in life that may be good times to meet with a Long Beach will attorney to discuss plans for the future.

Is A Will Enough?

Wills can be very powerful on their own, but our goal is to offer maximum protection. We want to help people avoid probate and minimize estate taxes. While a will alone may be acceptable for an estate valued at $150,000 or less, it is important to understand that, while that may be the current value of the estate, it is likely to increase in the coming years.

We will educate you about the benefits of a comprehensive estate plan that includes a trust, power of attorney and potentially other components, if appropriate. However, we are focused on your needs and the needs of your family, so we will recommend only what we believe is right for you based on your situation.