Long Beach Trust Administration Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Stephen E. Cockriel, we are skilled at helping people administer trusts. Whether you have been named the trustee or you are the beneficiary of the trust, we can provide advice and guidance about the process. We provide comprehensive probate and estate administration services.

Frequently, trusts are designed to fund sub-trusts for the purpose of reducing estates in order to avoid estate taxes. When one spouse passes away, it will be necessary to revisit the trust and review beneficiary designations, among other matters. An experienced attorney at our law firm will help you address all outstanding trust issues.

Fulfilling The Requirements Of A Trustee

A trustee has a number of requirements to fulfill. When he or she becomes trustee, an initial notification of beneficiaries is required. Lines of communication must remain open between trustee and beneficiaries, and regular accountings are required. At our law firm, you will find a Long Beach trust administration lawyer who can establish protocols that will make it easier to compile and prepare all required accountings and notifications.

Representation For Trust Beneficiaries

If you are the beneficiary of a trust, you may want to know what your rights and obligations are. We will educate you about what you are entitled to and the accountings that must be provided. In the event that you believe the trustee is not fulfilling his or her duty, we can help you review your options, which may include trust litigation if necessary