An Inspired Approach

"I take pride in helping you design the ideal future for your family."

It’s never too early to secure a plan for yourself or your family. I have a passion for helping people prepare for the years ahead and setting a clear path for the road of life when it can otherwise be foggy. If you have goals you’d like to achieve, let’s develop a strategy to achieve them together.

Your Mission Is My Mission

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My father worked with attorneys in the petroleum production business. From the time I was a child, I saw being an attorney as an outlet to help others."
Steve Cockriel

There is a certain science to planning ahead, and I’ve spent more than 40 years perfecting it. If you have a goal, whether it be short-term or long-term, call me and let’s talk about it.

Whether you need help getting your estate in order or you are preparing for the end of a life, an experienced lawyer can make a difference every step of the way. At my law firm, that’s what I do. I help people, and I take the stress out of organizing a decision that could not only affect the rest of your life but your legacy long after you’re gone.

Your family's future matters.

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Why You Need a Trust


Probate — or the process of verifying a will — can get extremely messy. You can make this already difficult time easier on your loved ones by working with me to establish a living trust now.


Investing in a trust now means simplifying financial decisions later. This handy legal tool ensures that your both your funding and possessions go exactly where you want them to go.


Creating a clear living trust gives you every advantage — especially when it comes to controlling your assets. After all, the clearer your wishes are laid out now, the easier it will be to carry them out later.

What My Clients Have to Say

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Compassionate support. Tailored solutions. Ongoing counsel.

As "un-lawyerly" as it may sound, I care about my clients as people, first and foremost. Each one matters to me, and so do the problems they bring to my office. My hope is that, when you come forward asking for help, I can ease your burdens as much as possible.

My many years of experience have taught me that cookie-cutter legal solutions just don’t work. That's why, when you come to me, I build your solution from the ground up to fit your needs alone. As I do so, I strive to find the easiest, most cost-effective and least time-consuming path to get there.

No matter what it is that brings you to my door — needing guidance, preparing for the loss of a loved one or simply trying to think ahead — I'm here to help. Life is unpredictable, and if the last 40 years have taught me anything, it's that getting proactive is never a bad idea. Whether your needs are large or small, I would love to be your guide in taking control of your life.

And rest assured — once we've resolved your concern, I’ll still be here for you. I'm always glad to answer questions and offer advice whenever you need it.